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3 Myths about Image:



Your image is not everything, just what everyone notices first! The importance of image is widely accepted globally, although it manifests itself differently in different societies. In this day and age, self-image is increasingly quoted as an important part of self-fulfillment.  



Don't be misled: we all size people up, this is just human behavior at work. People are affected by our image whether they realize it or not. Regardless of age and profession, you need to look current and polished at all times, and communicate properly, both verbally and non-verbally. If you want to look, feel, think and act your best, you will benefit from working with a professional image consultant.  



Quite the contrary. As individuals, your personal and professional image stand for the ultimate brand you will ever represent. You need the objectivity to recognize issues and the determination to address them. When postponing change, you need to understand and accept the potentially significant costs associated with the status quo. 






If your organization ...

Image Tips


Business-Casual is Business first and Casual second


Do not underestimate the power of last impressions


Be aware and respectful of cultural differences


Never discuss religion, sex, income, politics and health issues

  • considers its employees the most important asset and believes that business success depends on unlocking their full potential

  • understands that the employees’ image translates into competence and trustworthiness in the eye of the client

  • wants to motivate employees to strengthen the corporate culture, vision and values

  • needs to create, reinforce or help employees adopt a certain dress code policy

  • knows that business casual may affect productivity and professionalism in the workplace

... we can assist with:

  • raising awareness amongst employees on the importance of image

  • explaining the connection between professional dress and career success

  • motivating employees to better represent your company

  • offering realistic wardrobe guidelines with visual references