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3 Myths about Image:



Your image is not everything, just what everyone notices first! The importance of image is widely accepted globally, although it manifests itself differently in different societies. In this day and age, self-image is increasingly quoted as an important part of self-fulfillment.  



Don't be misled: we all size people up, this is just human behavior at work. People are affected by our image whether they realize it or not. Regardless of age and profession, you need to look current and polished at all times, and communicate properly, both verbally and non-verbally. If you want to look, feel, think and act your best, you will benefit from working with a professional image consultant.  



Quite the contrary. As individuals, your personal and professional image stand for the ultimate brand you will ever represent. You need the objectivity to recognize issues and the determination to address them. When postponing change, you need to understand and accept the potentially significant costs associated with the status quo. 




Media Room

  September 2012
Mihaela Ciocan Appointed President of AICI Canada

  January 2011
PropertyWire Canada - quoted in an article about image for real estate and mortgage professionals.

  August 2010
The Province – quoted in an article about summer dresses for work.

  March 2010
Mihaela Ciocan achieves coveted professional certification: Certified Image Professional (CIP) from the Association of Image Consultants International.

  December 2009 – featured in an article on dressing for the holidays.

  September 2009
The Globe and Mail – quoted in an article about posture and its importance.

  September 2008
interviewed by 1130 News’ Mike Lloyd on branding and re-branding of our top Canadian politicians ahead of the federal election.




  September 2008
part of a panel of experts for the inaugural fashion issue of BC Business Magazine, quoted on dos and don’ts of dressing for the office.




  August 2008
quoted in Vancouver Courier and North Shore News on defining business casual and recommended key pieces for men and women.




  December 2007
featured in The Block Magazine as an accomplished image professional offering advice on what to wear and what to avoid based on body type, age and lifestyle.




  August 2007
quoted as an image expert in a Vancouver Sun article about shorts in the workplace: if and when they are appropriate, how to make them work.




 February 2007
featured in the Asian Post Pacific magazine in an article about careers in fashion and communication.



 July - December 2006
produced and presented a series of shows on Rompost TV/Multicultural Network about the importance of image, Dress of Success in Vancouver, gift giving etiquette, how to put together a professional fashion show.




 December 2005
quoted in the Vancouver 24 Hours newspaper, commenting on what the party leaders communicate through their presence before speaking a word.




 December 2005
interviewed by 1130 News’ Mike Lloyd for the top story of the day: what should the political leaders be paying more attention to gain a more credible and powerful image for the first round of the federal debate.




 May 2005
invited to participate in a panel of experts on City TV’s Evening News to discuss party leaders’ image issues during their final debate for the BC Provincial Election 2005.