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3 Myths about Image:



Your image is not everything, just what everyone notices first! The importance of image is widely accepted globally, although it manifests itself differently in different societies. In this day and age, self-image is increasingly quoted as an important part of self-fulfillment.  



Don't be misled: we all size people up, this is just human behavior at work. People are affected by our image whether they realize it or not. Regardless of age and profession, you need to look current and polished at all times, and communicate properly, both verbally and non-verbally. If you want to look, feel, think and act your best, you will benefit from working with a professional image consultant.  



Quite the contrary. As individuals, your personal and professional image stand for the ultimate brand you will ever represent. You need the objectivity to recognize issues and the determination to address them. When postponing change, you need to understand and accept the potentially significant costs associated with the status quo. 





 “As a colleague, I have known Mihaela for many years.
From the beginning, she demonstrated to me that she is a true business professional, always showing proper etiquette and always holding out her hand to help others. I am truly impressed with her business expertise.”
Joyce M. Knudsen, PhD. AICI, CIM

 We have had the pleasure of having Mihaela as a guest speaker for a few of our fashion styling classes. Mihaela is always very informative and motivating. The students find her to be very knowledgeable and are always inspired by her determination and professionalism.”
Marie-Claude Cote, Fashion Program Director, John Casablancas Institute Vancouver


“As a guest speaker for our networking circle, Mihaela talked about the importance of image and first impressions. She was a “hit” with the whole audience: they brought up some many issues in their questions and she answered all of them with professionalism, humour and clarity. I would definitely recommend Mihaela giving talks on image-related topics to any audience.”
Teya France, Co-founder, Dunbar Business Circle Networking Group


“I suggest booking a consultation with Mihaela - she is contemporary yet professional in every way, and will update your look for that special occasion or looming job search - you will feel polished and newly confident with your presentation and approach.”
Mary Ann V., Accountant




“You provided me with excellent service, above and beyond what I expected. I am truly inspired by your passion and commitment to help people look and feel their best.”
Dana Vanderkwaak, Mechanical Engineer




“I would very much like to work with you to plan for future purchases with a view to building on some favorite pieces, and discarding others. I thought the time we already spent together was valuable.

Thank you so much. I liked your work ethic, your sense of style, and found you very knowledgeable in your chosen field.

Joyce C.