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3 Myths about Image:



Your image is not everything, just what everyone notices first! The importance of image is widely accepted globally, although it manifests itself differently in different societies. In this day and age, self-image is increasingly quoted as an important part of self-fulfillment.  



Don't be misled: we all size people up, this is just human behavior at work. People are affected by our image whether they realize it or not. Regardless of age and profession, you need to look current and polished at all times, and communicate properly, both verbally and non-verbally. If you want to look, feel, think and act your best, you will benefit from working with a professional image consultant.  



Quite the contrary. As individuals, your personal and professional image stand for the ultimate brand you will ever represent. You need the objectivity to recognize issues and the determination to address them. When postponing change, you need to understand and accept the potentially significant costs associated with the status quo. 




President and Principal Consultant

Mihaela Ciocan


Mihaela Ciocan, BA, AICI CIP


ImagePro’s President and Principal Consultant, Mihaela Ciocan is an image management specialist with more than ten years of experience helping people self-actualize and become the success they deserve to be. Her credentials include: Certified Image Professional from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and BA in Journalism and Public Image.


A well-recognized authority in the image profession, she has recently completed her mandates as President of AICI Canada and as AICI International VP of Certification.


Over the years, Mihaela gave numerous presentations, led training sessions and wrote many image features for trade and business magazines. She was quoted/featured as an image expert on City TV, Shaw Multicultural TV Channel, 1130 News Radio. Her articles and interviews appeared in such publications as: The Vancouver Sun, 24 Hours, Block Magazine, The Vancouver Courier, The North Shore News, BC Business Magazine, The Globe and Mail and The Province.


Mihaela’s down-to-earth style and results-driven approach, coupled with extensive North American and European experience, make her a sought-after image professional. She is not only a highly skilled instructor, but also a practitioner in today’s competitive and challenging business world. She assists a wide range of individuals, from CEOs to moms returning to work; also works with a variety of corporate clients such as: Ernst & Young, UBC Sauder School of Business, TD Bank, West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, BC Construction Safety Network and more.


In May 2010, Mihaela was honoured with the AICI Canada Chapter Member of the Year Award at the International Convention held in Vancouver, BC.


  The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)
Mihaela joined AICI in 2003 and has been committed to the development of a new generation of image consultants who will shape the future of this business.
She is currently Past President of AICI Canada (click HERE to see the full Board of Directors).